What is the difference between the arabica and robusta?

Coffee is good that takes the second place (after oil) on a demand in the world market. At the same time, 98% of the coffee market divided among two main grades: Robusta (about 30%) and Arabica coffee (about 68%). From other two percent, only one grade is the most expensive coffee in the world of – a mine Luwak. The coffee drinking always had the specific setting. The peculiar cups and ways of preparations. Nevertheless, what is the difference of Arabica coffee from Robusta and why the first is several times more popular than “competitor”?

What are the Arabica and Robusta?

Arabica is the most widespread grade of coffee that is used in the coffee industry.

Robusta is a coffee grade with the increased content of caffeine, amino, and the chlorogenic acids.

Both grades grow in the hot climate. The big duration of the light year is necessary for them for ripening. Robusta loves the hotter climate. An area of her growth is Africa, India, and Indonesia. Robusta from Java Island is most esteemed. Arabica coffee prefers climate of the central regions of South America.

Coffee grows on slopes of mountains therefore practically all works with it are performed manually. The height of an arrangement of plantations to 600 meters above sea level is characteristic of Robusta. For Arabica, it hovers around 600 and 2000 meters. The higher the plantation, the more quality is coffee. The increase of the height leads to a longer period of maturing that allows berries to gain a bigger amount of aromatic substances.

Externally mix these two grades quite difficult. The Robusta has more roundish grain, equal, accurate a streak. Arabica is allocated with an oblong shape. A streak is bent and reminds the letter “S”.

The easiest way to compare taste and color of these two grades is to prepared a till portions of espresso each.

Arabica has a more saturated grade. However, because of higher content of oils of cream (a coffee skin) falls down soon enough. Because of what aromatic substances disappear quicker. It is better to drink such coffee within forty seconds after preparation.

Robusta is a grade with the low content of oils. But in it the bigger amount of caffeine is considerable. This coffee is preferred by “coffeeholic”.

Often manufacturers blend these grades, using coffee grains from three and more plantations of the world. So in most of the cases, the customer gets the combination of the grades.