Three Ways to Spruce up your CV

The CV can be surprisingly easy to get wrong, which can mean the difference between wowing your prospective employer and getting the job, and being told that they’re “going in a different direction.” Here are three ways to refresh that tired old resume.

The first way is including a professional photograph.

It’s often a good, strategic move to add a picture of yourself and the more professional that portrait, the more likely your chances are of sealing the deal and pinning down an interview. Portraying yourself seriously from the minute someone reads about you as a person before they’ve even met you gives you an instant advantage because they will take you seriously and know you’re serious about wanting the job. Professional photographers like Jamiya Wilson are great at getting you at just the right angle for a serious job application.


The second way is remembering that the devil’s in the details – literally in this case.

People reviewing your CV and seriously considering you for a job don’t want to be distracted and weighed down by unnecessary information that they don’t need to know about you. Examples of this include things like your age and gender or even your religious background. They are far more interested in getting straight to the point and knowing your professional work history than getting to know you personally a bit better – that part comes later if you manage to tie down that interview. Keep it straightforward and concise.

The third and last way to spruce up your CV is to not go overboard with your references.

Surprisingly, this tip also comes down to simplicity and getting straight to the point – the company reviewing your CV doesn’t have too much time to skim through large paragraphs of information, so the simpler, the better. They know what they’re looking for and if it’s not there, they won’t be calling you back. It’s recommended to keep references out of your CV for the time being – they can be provided on request so until then they don’t need to be filling out your CV.

As easy as CV’s are to get wrong, it’s also relatively easy to get them right as well. Sitting down and putting in the effort to make sure it’s readable, simple and concise will save you and your prospective employer a lot of time in the long run.