The Negative Side of Buying Fake Instagram Likes

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the prime and most visited social media platforms. Although it is advisable to make people like your content the natural way, you may consider buying automated likes just to increase activity on your account. These likes may either be real or fake, depending on where you purchase them from.

If you want to get Instagram likes naturally, check out for some great tips. However, if you are into buying likes and followers, here are some risks involved in buying fake likes that you need to know.

Fake Engagement

Fake likes distort your engagement level. Buying them makes you have a large audience that is not engaged. Since engagement is one of the social media marketing strategies, you can never become influential with fake likes. It is thus worthless to purchase them.

Not Easy To Stop

Once you start buying fake likes, you may find it hard to stop. Once you get hooked to more likes, they become addictive and it becomes hard to do away with them, especially when the auto-liked posts perform better than the rest of your content. As soon as you stop buying likes, you will notice a tremendous reduction in the performance of your content. However, this should not make you continue in a vicious cycle of purchasing more and more likes as this will eventually harm your integrity and authenticity.

Account Loss

If you get caught purchasing fake likes, your account will be closed. Instagram may warn you the first few times and if you persist, you will be banned from the platform. Instagram’s guidelines in terms of engagement are very clear. You must interact with other users in real-time and any illegal automation violates the platform’s terms of service. The platform has a team that is dedicated to eliminating spam and sometimes they deactivate accounts with the aim of achieving this goal.

Reduced Income

People stop following you as soon as they notice any unusual activity on your feed. If you were earning money from such people, your revenue will definitely go down. Fake followers, for instance, neither purchase your products nor promote your brand. If you have to keep them, you risk losing most of your clients. It is therefore better to have a low but genuine engagement rate than high but fake activity.

In Closing

In order to succeed in the world of buying likes, you must be an expert in detecting fake likes. There are various approaches you can use to detect them and these and help you evaluate any offers for fraudulent activity.