Summer Jobs for Youth

Summer Jobs for Youth

When it comes to teenagers, sometimes it can be difficult to determine which job is best for them.

But choosing an afterschool, weekend, or summer job shouldn’t be that hard, once a teenager decides he or she wants to find work.

Let’s take summer jobs for example. This is perhaps the easiest time for a teenager to find work. There is no homework to worry about, the weather is warm, and the teen has a social life that he’d like to fund.

So the question isn’t motivation. It’s what kind of job do they want?

For a lot of teens, lifeguarding at a local pool is a good way to earn money. Of course there is training involved in becoming a lifeguard, but once the training is over, lifeguarding at a pool is a great summer job for a teenager. Besides a paycheck, he or she will get to engage in an active social life, which is a big part of summer life for a teen.

Another good job for youth is babysitting. This can be done after school or on weekends. The teenager needs to talk over the terms with the child’s parents, however, to make sure everyone is agreeable. And it helps if the sitter knows basic first aid and what to do in an emergency. If you’re the parent of a teen who babysits, it’s important for you to be available to help if an emergency should arise.

For the teen on the entrepreneurial side of things, lawn care can be a pretty lucrative venture during the summer or on weekends. Once the teen has a push mower or a riding mower, and works out the terms with the client, a teen can have several yards on his list. He can charge extra for raking, trimming, or weeding. You can see how easy it is to make good money taking care of lawns.

Another way teens can make money is by cleaning houses for others. Specify the terms: Do they clean inside, outside, or both? Do they do windows? If a teen wants to expand on this, she can always add an errand service for extra income.

With a little ingenuity, and sometimes a little advertisement on social media, a teen can make some good money.

Finding the right job for the right teen is a little like matchmaking. Once the two click, the sky is the limit.