The Right Way to Blow Dry Frizzy Hair

There are a lot of techniques that you can use to reduce the amount of frizz. A great way to control the frizz is by investing in the right hairdryer to help reduce the frizz. Your shampoo, conditioner and the weather play a huge role in the amount of static and frizz you are experiencing with your hair. One of the best ways to control your frizz is by learning to blow dry your hair the correct way.


How to blow dry frizzy hair


Flip it upside down – Curly haired people need to volume their roots so the curls will be more bouncy. You can also lean your head to one side or lift the roots with hair clips.

Apply heat protective lotion – This lotion should be applied before you start treating your hair with heat. It will maintain the frizz and prevent damage to your delicate hair.

Use less heat – Too much heat can dry out your hair and cause a lot of frizz. Dry your hair on low or medium heat settings.

Use a diffuser – Use a diffuser by pointing it up towards the ceiling to your upside down hair.

Lay your hair on the diffuser – Keep your hair’s curls and lay it coiled on the diffuser while you blow. You should handle your hair gently and take care to curve in your hair’s natural direction.

Dry your roots – You can now lift your hair and dry your roots while still using the diffuser. Don’t hold it in the same place for too long and do not over dry your hair.

Divide into sections – If you have thick hair, device your hair into sections while you dry your scalp.

Keep it up – You should keep flipping your hair over and drying the roots and tops until your hair is completely dry.


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