Interesting Facts about Memory Foam Mattresses

When the term memory foam mattress is mentioned what comes to mind is good and peaceful sleep. Everybody looks forward to “sleeping like a baby.” This entails sleeping with minimal interruption, not sweating unnecessarily, not waking up feeling more tired, or not suffering from bodily aches and pains. This is why people are always searching for the best product. One of the popular options is mattresses made from memory foam. The following are some interesting facts about this type of mattress:

First Designed For Seats in NASA Aircrafts

Did you know that memory foam was first designed for use in seats used in NASA airplanes? Well, although memory foam is popularly associated with quality mattresses it was initially meant for use in NASA aircraft seats. The material was discovered a bit earlier but was first used in the 1960s in the aircraft seat. It was seen as the best choice due to its soft nature and high energy absorbency. Over time, due to improved technology and growing popularity, the material found its way in other products.

Highly Energy Absorbent

Memory form is a special type of viscoelastic substance that has very good molding and flexing characteristics. It is able to adjust itself under different conditions so as to offer the best support. For instance, in high temperatures the material becomes more flexible and softer, while in colder temperature it hardens up a bit. This action ensures the right conditions are created for the person sleeping on the mattress. It also helps in absorbing sweat which is more common during warmer temperature.

Used In the Medicinal Field

Memory foam is widely used in the medical and healthy sector. The material is used to cushion prosthetics that are used by people with disabilities as it offers good support and comfort. Memory foam is also used to create pads or cushion seats for people suffering for ulcers, bad joints, or is severally disabled. Medical practitioners who focus on the backbone (spine), joints, body aches invest in memory foam mattresses. They include chiropractors, Rheumatologists, Orthopedists, massage Therapists, Physical therapists, Occupational therapists, Dietitians, and more.

Used In Other Products

Many people first came to know about memory foam when searching for quality mattress. But, did you know that apart from mattresses, memory foam is used in other products? In fact, use in mattresses came much later. The soft, elastic, and highly absorbent material is used to cushion shoes and helmets. It not only offers a smooth cushion but absorbs sweat much easily creating the right environment. Other applications include mattress pads, pillows, neck pads and more.

An undeniable fact is that memory foam has proven to be quite a reliable material for mattresses. This makes the sleeping accessory suitable, effective, as well as healthy. However, when planning to acquire this type of mattress it is paramount to exercise caution. This is particularly necessary today at there are many products masquerading to be made from memory foam. Using substandard or fake products leads to more-harm-than-good, and this is why it is vital to purchase memory foam mattress from well-known and trusted sources.

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