Instagram Automation – What Are The Golden Rules?

More and more businesses are leveraging the use of Instagram automation to grow their brands and keep their accounts active. To completely enjoy the benefits of using bots on Instagram, there are a few golden rules that must be put into consideration. Let us look at some of them.

Define Clear Goals

Before investing in an Instagram bot, outline the reasons why you need one. Is it because you want to grow your customer base? Are you seeking to close more deals? Is it for advertising or do you want to communicate a specific message? If you cannot justify the automation then you may end up attracting the wrong followers.

Stick to One Bot

Given that there are several great Instagram bots on the market today, you may be tempted to use more than one bot at the same time. This may increase your level of engagement but may cause your account to be closed down. You can check out some bot reviews at The Small Business Blog to identify one that is all-inclusive and stick to it.

Do Not Automate Everything

To maintain authenticity in your content, do not automate everything. Automating your posts is advisable because it allows you to share content at the right time. Do not automate things like replies to comments, responses to questions, and comments on other people’s pages. Avoid apps that allow you to automate most of your Instagram actions.

Diversify Your Content

Now that you have invested in an Instagram Bot, you can spare some time to create better content. The bot may help you obtain a large following but if your profile and content are not rich enough, you will find it hard to keep your followers. Make your posts varied and evenly spread. Mix photos, videos, questions, links as well as blog posts if you have one.

Regulate Bot Action

Even though you can depend on a bot to accomplish most of your tasks, your account needs human activity to remain trusty. Instagram is able to detect any anomalies in your account and close it down. Make regular posts to your account to complement automated ones and minimize the number of automated actions in a day.

In Closing

When you adhere to these golden rules, it becomes very easy to grow your brand on Instagram. With the right bot at hand, you are sure to attract the right people and leave a substantial impact.