Factors To Consider When Selecting A Kitchen Sink

How many times do use your kitchen sink in a day? This appliance is the most used in a kitchen on a daily basis. There are a variety of models in the market today which comes from different manufacturers. Some are suitable for home use while others fit commercial applications. The following are key features to consider when selecting a kitchen sink.

Ease of Cleaning

A lot of dirt passes through a sink it is thus advisable to select one that is easy to clean. Stainless steel models are the easiest to clean, and they do not rust easily. You should use a mild detergent together with a fiber brush or soft sponge when cleaning. Cleanse the sink thoroughly after using soaps that contain chloride because it can harm the stainless steel after a long period of exposure.


The material choice and how you use a kitchen sink will determine its durability. Stainless steel is the most popular material and is known to be easy to clean and durable. Those at Pimp my Sink come in many configurations and shapes to cater for different needs and tastes. Copper sinks are somehow pricey when compared to their stainless steel counterparts. Such makes are attractive but require specialized care to avoid corrosion. Enamel or porcelain models are a great pick for those who do not want metallic appliances. This material is strong enough to resist chipping and staining.

Ease of Installation

A good kitchen sink should be easy to install and fix. Some models come with installation guides and countertop cut-out templates to facilitate the installation process. It should also be easy to uninstall such appliances when you want to upgrade or repair.


Kitchen sinks come in two major designs which are either top mount or undermount. Recessed or undermount sinks are permanent installations, and you should thus select a quality model for durability purposes. You can clean the countertop easily be brushing the debris and dirt into the bowl. The top-mount sink is easy to fit and repair. Many people prefer such a make because you can remove it quickly without damaging the countertop.

Size and Style

How you intend to use the sink will guide your buying decision. You can either choose a double or single bowl design. A double bowl model can accommodate multiple users and thus increase efficiency.

Selecting a good kitchen sink requires intensive research and dedication. You should also compare the prices from various vendors against the features of their units.