Factors to Consider When Buying a Bike for Your Kids

As your kids start to venture on their own, one of the best items to give them is a bike.

A bike grants freedom to your little ones – the freedom to explore as far as their feet (their cycling ability, in this case) takes them. By giving them a bike, you are also showing support for a new sense of independence.

This is why you would want to invest your money in “the right bike”. Get a bike that your kids will surely love. So, before you choose a bike, consider some of these factors first.

Appropriate Bike Size

First off is to consider the appropriate bike size. A bike for your kids should be a comfortable one. It should be the best fit for their structure — and it should be in sync with their height and weight. You may also want to go for a bike with fully adjustable seats and Velcro-padded handlebars.

Cool Design & Style

Next is to ensure that a bike’s design and style fits your kids’ definition of cool. When they will be riding a bike with a cool appearance, the little ones will be excited to go almost everywhere and be up for a random amazing activity!

Start by choosing a bike that displays their favorite colors, fictional characters, or patterns, perhaps. You may also want to buy one with cool features (such as a bottle holder, lights, and rims). Or, why not go with their preferred style? Some of the trendy styles are bikes with banana seats, classic Polo-style bikes, and BMX-style bikes.

Most importantly, you may want to buy a bike that’s ideal for their gender. A unisex bike is available on the market. If you’re not up for that, it wouldn’t hurt to know that if you’re buying bikes for boys, dark-colored themes may be a hit. As with bikes for girls, going with bright colors may be best.

Safety Should Be in the Details

Finally, don’t disregard your kids’ safety. Because the goal is to help them avoid accidents, you may want to look for a bike with these safety features:

    • Fenders (for protection of your kids’ feet)
    • Front and rear brakes with excellent braking power (for better speed control)
    • Chain guard covering (for protection against chain rings)
    • Suspension forks (for better control of movement)
    • Thick and extra-wide tires (for better stability)

And since this will be your kids’ first, you should go with a bike that features training wheels. These training wheels will help them find their balance and guide them as they transition from a four-wheel bike to a two-wheel bike!