Enjoying Better Cuts on Your Saw Blade

There are a few things you can do to make sure your saw blade lasts you long and serves you efficiently. Remember having a perfect working saw blade eliminates the dreaded chips in the wood. Here are the tips to follow.

Use the Right Saw in Proper Alignment

To make your blade last longer, make sure you choose the precise blade for the kind of material that you are about to saw. The style of the wood will also determine the blade you use. The kind of blade you choose to handle natural wood will be different to the kind of blade you choose to handle commercially-manufactured wood.

The Right Configuration matters

Before you start using the blade, you need to understand the different blade configurations available for you to use. Make sure you always run the proper configuration especially when it comes to amount of teeth and TCG grind, you should also use a high blade.

Precision saw Blade Configuration

Always be sure to pick a precisions saw blade that comes with the correct tip configuration depending on the material being used and the kind of machine.  The saw blade should be correctly tensioned according to the motor rpm of the model the blade is used on.

The Projection

You need to maintain a proper blade projection. This is that distance calculated from the material to the blade’s tip when cutting. The kind of projection you choose will have a huge consequence on the kind of finish you end up with. You will achieve a perfect surface finish when you have a projection between 20mm and 30mm.

Maintain a Sharp Edge

According to Saw Blades Only, you can only maintain a razor-sharp edge when you sharpen the saw blade as necessary. Cutting your tasks with a sharp blade will ensure smoother, cleaner cuts and will make extend the life of the saw blade. Using the saw blade when it is not sharp to make more money will diminish the life of the blade, give you poor cuts and put your life in danger.

In Closing

Using a saw blade is one of the best ways to come up with perfect cuts every time. However, you need to use the right saw blade to achieve the kind of cuts you want. Take time to find the best model, and then configure it the right way. Take care of projection and maintain a sharp edge to get the best performance from longer.