Choose The Best Lawn Mower Just After You Learn The Differences Between The Electric And The Gas Models

When talking about grass clipping, there are two types of lawn mowers people generally choose from: the gas and the electric lawn mowers. There are many differences between these two engines, starting with the price and ending with their special features. However, you cannot say that one type is better than the other, because both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Before you buy one model or the other, you have to understand how they work and why they have certain disadvantages. Just after you are well informed you can choose the best mower for your needs.

The lawn mowers have a few characteristics you should compare and they are very important when you want to decide what type of machine you want to buy:

The noise they produce

The top rated lawn mowers reviewed are almost silent and this is an important aspect you should check. The gas mowers are very noisy, they produce about 100 decibels and this is very dangerous, because every noise that exceeds 87 decibels can cause hearing problems. The electric mowers are less noisy, they don’t exceed 85 decibels and it is healthier to use these machines. Also, your neighbors will be happier and you will avoid conflicts.

Think about the environment

Whatever machine you buy, you should think about the environment. The gasoline motors are very pollutant, because they have a high emission of toxic gases. However, the modern gas models produce lower levels of gases and if you choose propane, the lawn mower will pollute even less.

If you choose the electric mowers, the pollution will be almost zero, because they don’t use gasoline and there will be no combustion gases produced.

Which type is easier to use?

The gas mowers need a steady hand and a bit of strength. You have to grip the handle and pull the cord, while the electric ones start at a push of a button. However, the electric ones will always need a source of power and they will need to have their blades sharpened from time to time. Also, if you use batteries, they will need to be changed and recharged from time to time. The gas lawn mowers are more complex, but this doesn’t mean that it is hard to start them. A new one or a well maintained gas mower will start at a blink of an eye.

All in all, both models are good and efficient, but if you want to be modern, to be able to take the mower everywhere and pollute as little as possible, the electric models might be for you.