A few ideas of wedding photos

The wedding is a big day for every couple. So when planning a wedding everything must be at a high level. The same goes for the choice of the photographer: the wedding day will take place, and photos will remain for the rest of your life. It is important to choose the photographer, with whom you will be easy and interesting to work. That is why it is obligatory to communicate with him personally and estimate his personal qualities.

When we are choosing wedding photographer we often watch his portfolio – those pictures that he did for other couples. We expect to receive the same result and the same photographs. But all couples are different. They have a different scenario of the wedding day. Therefore, shootings turn out different. If you want to receive specific pictures, discuss this question with the photographer in advance. Make the list of photos, which you would like to receive this day – in return, it will help the asheville nc wedding photographers to understand your vision of wedding shooting.

In order to help you decide here is the list of photo ideas, which would make your wedding day special.


When it comes to your wedding dress, remember that the most important are details! Invite the photographer slightly a bit earlier and so far to you do a hair and a make-up, he will make several pictures of accessories: rings, shoes, a garter, the dress hanging on a coat hanger against the background of a window…


The professional photographer will be enough only 15-20 minutes to imprint all beauty of your festive decor. The main thing is to make it before guests take the places. Ask him to shoot a complete picture and to pay attention to details – wedding cake, a bridal bouquet and a buttonhole, table layout and flower compositions, compliments for guests and a card of seating. All these photos will create a complete image of your holiday and will remain to you for memory.

Dressing of the bride and bridesmaids

Morning of each the bride is a special time. It is so much happiness, smiles and trembling nervousness will be in these photos that you do not want to miss for anything! This time which you can divide with the family and girlfriends. You will be pleased by the photo in which your mother helps to button a dress or on which you will see happiness tears in the opinion of your younger sister. During dressing you can also make several intimate photos, which will be intended only for your husband and, undoubtedly, will please him.

Dressing of the groom and groom’s friends

It is no secret that many men do not like to be photographed and it is difficult for them to relax in front of the camera. But when the groom with his friends and they are not forced to pose, excellent photographs can turn out.

Men gather much quicker. Therefore think of in what they could be engaged while you prepare for an exit. For example, they can play poker or watch the movie – and the photographer, in turn, will have a fine opportunity to photograph them behind favorite pastime.