5 Simple Tips on How to Save Money When Traveling

Traveling is fun, but it can be expensive. You can avoid spending more when on vacation by planning before leaving. There are simply tricks you can apply so that you enjoy your vacation without worrying about being short of cash. You will need to make adjustments so that you don’t break the bank.

Below are simple ways that you surely cherish and help in saving a few bucks:

Plan in advance on how you will make payments while on vacation

Call your bank in advance and alert them that you will be traveling. This move will prevent security alerts and closure of your accounts when you are out of the country. You may consider opening a bank account in the country you are traveling to and ask them to waive international transaction fees. This will help you save on the huge transaction fees that are charged on debit cards and ATM withdrawals. If you are going to use credit cards, consider the option of applying for a credit card with a bank that waives international transaction costs.

Never convert your currency at the airports

No matter how tempted you could be, don’t convert your currencies at the airport. They usually have the worst rates. The high conversion rates may end up eating into your savings making you run out of cash unexpectedly.

Avoid extra baggage and wear layers

Weighing your luggage before leaving the house will help you keep within the required limit. You can also avoid carrying extra clothes by wearing layers. It ensures that most of what you need are within your body. A jacket on top of your sleeveless top will keep you from buying one when you are cold. Try to carry very few items that can perfectly fit in your backpack so that you don’t have to spend more on luggage.

Carry snacks and medication

You will realize that over the counter drugs like painkillers and antibiotics are very expensive in the airport chemist. To avoid spending more, consider carrying these medicines and ensure that they are in the right bottles with the correct label to help you pass security checks quickly. Bringing snacks like a sandwich and a packet of chips will save you from buying expensive food while on board.

Use WIFI to communicate

Making international calls and sending texts can be expensive. Before leaving for your vacation, check thoroughly on how much it will cost you to make calls to your country. If it is expensive, consider using WIFI to communicate. Use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype as these modes of communication are less expensive.

Being in vacation means letting go of your trouble and relaxing. Don’t let cash worries spoil your peace of mind while traveling by planning ahead. Use the above tips to help you enjoy your vacation and thank us later.