3 Brilliant Noise-Reduction Tips for Your Home

If your home is too noisy, it’s advisable to address the problem immediately. Noise can be distracting and downright irritating. Especially if one of the residents considers the place his working environment, it’s just a matter of time before the noise starts to drive him bonkers.

Here are useful tips:

1 – Buy Rugs

Firstly, buy rugs if you don’t have carpeted floors. Tiled floors can be noisy especially when you have metal shoes. But, of course, tiled floors only come second to the noise that wooden floors bring. Wooden floors allow sound to travel.

If you can afford to convert your original flooring into carpeted flooring, go ahead.

Otherwise, putting up rugs is a great idea. By using rugs, you will greatly reduce unwanted noise. These products will dampen sound – not only sound that a person makes when walking, but also those of electronics and a talkative person.

2 – Invest in Window Shutters

Then you might want to buy window shutters. This solves problems with outside noise.

Do pedestrians walk near your house and make noise during the process? Do flying airplanes bother you? Do you have inconsiderate and talkative neighbors? Do you feel annoyed upon hearing the chirping of birds and the cars that pass by?

If so, installing window shutters is the solution. These products work by creating a barrier, which will absorb noise from the outside instead of allowing it to enter your home.

Make sure to go with high-quality ones. While they are relatively costly, their durability is unquestionable. This way, you can feel confident about not hearing unwanted outside noise again.

3 – Get a New Sink

You should also consider getting a new sink. This concern is not rare as many households point to the sink as the culprit when noise-related problems emerge.

When even the drumming of water every time a housemate washes his hands is audible, your sink has to go. Especially if your sink is made of metal, you shouldn’t be surprised that it turns into a drum every time water comes out of the faucets.

Opt for porcelain or stone sinks. These sinks are very dense and are capable of natural sound absorption.

To check out sinks with noise reduction features, visit Pimp my Sink.

The Final Word

The abovementioned tips can help reduce noise levels inside your own home. But you should also determine the main source of the noise. After all, you can’t resolve a problem without knowing its cause. If you can figure out what causes excess noise, removing it from your home might be the only solution.